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Your search for true cinnamon is over...BUY ceylon cinnamon sticks, ceylon cinnamon powder or ceylon cinnamon tea bags at affordable prices from a UK seller - it's real, true cinnamon - not cassia.

"Where can i buy real ceylon cinnamon?" I needed to get my hands on real, true ceylon cinnamon powder or sticks but all I could find in UK asian stores (and larger supermarkets) was 'Cassia Bark' Cinnamon. Having spent months searching for a quality UK seller, I took matters into my own hands and 6 months later found an incredible organic ceylon cinnamon harvester/supplier in Sri Lanka. Having bought a small batch for family use, I realised others like you may also be struggling to find quality cinnamon...ta da(!), that's when this site was born. 

REMEMBER: the real stuff comes from Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon)! I am proud to say that I am able to provide you with the finest quality ceylon cinnamon from a trustworthy source, delivered from within the UK within days of ordering - so that you can start using it very quickly :) INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: NON UK-RESIDENTS PLEASE CONTACT US WITH YOUR ORDER DETAILS SO THAT YOU CAN BE INVOICED & SHIPPING ARRANGED. Thanks :)


Q:Is it true you can lose weight/pounds/kilos/tummy fat with honey and cinnamon herbal tea drink? (aka the honey and cinnamon weight loss plan)

A:In short, YES. Like me, you may have read others' success stories and are keen to try it for yourself. I tried it in early 2012 for only 7 days and I had a shockingly flatter waist and a smaller waistline. I did the honey and cinnamon weight loss plan again recently and my results can be viewed on my Facebook page. You have to be religious with it and have it every morning and night, but like for millions of others, it really helped me to lose excess weight/flab in the one area that bugs me - my tummy! If you have regular cinnamon tea after the 'diet', the cinnamon will prevent the future fat from storing around your waist area. To make the tea you need to use 2 grams of cinnamon.View the weight loss plan page for intrsuctions. Our 2 gram cinnamon-only tea bags are especially made for this tea!

Q:What are the differences between ceylon cinnamon and cassia bark cinnamon?
A:Ceylon cinnamon is classed as ‘real cinnamon’; everything available in the west is actually not true cinnamon at all, it is something known as ‘cassia bark’ – it just does a good job of looking like the real thing, but it is toxic to the liver in higher doses which is not ideal if you wish to consume it on a regular basis. Real cinnamon smells wonderfully aromatic, and the colour of the sticks are a lot richer than their imitation cassia bark versions. The real Ceylon version also has a beautifully sweet taste and can leave a hot mug of water looking like a ruby red autumn, once infused. Rolled like cigars, with crumbly looking layers, the Ceylon sticks are easy to break; not stiff and ‘too perfect looking’, like the imitation versions.
Q:What kind of cinnamon do we sell?
A:All of the cinnamon we sell is real Ceylon cinnamon, farmed ethically, meeting all of the quality certifications of its source, Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon, hence the name). We do not wish to sell imitation versions because we have now found the real thing and want to make it accessible for everyone. We have one of the best quality suppliers we could have possibly found.
Q:What can cinnamon sticks and cinnamon powder be used for/ how to use cinnamon?
A:Cinnamon sticks and powder can be used for cooking, flavouring, and of course for teas and herbal remedies. Cinnamon sticks can be broken into small pieces and used in tea infusions and have a number of benefits which many people the world over, have experienced. The powder version is lovely when sprinkled over salads and desserts/sweet foods.
The use of cinnamon has been shown to help millions of people. What are some of the benefits?
  • REDUCED arthritis pain
  • REDUCED overall weight and belly flab
  • BOOSTS your immune system like a blueberry can't
  • SOUND SLEEP says goodbye to insomnia
  • IMPROVED memory and brain function
  • REGULATED blood sugar levels for type 2 diabetes
  • ANTI blood clotting effects of cinnamon
  • LOWERED LDL cholesterol
  • REMOVAL of medication resistant yeast infections
...and the list, as we know, can go on and on!
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