Our Cinnamon Store Story

Hi, welcome to buyrealcinnamon.com. I am really pleased you found us and hope that will enjoy our ceylon cinnamon. Like you are now, I was desperate to get hold of real cinnamon as I had heard so many worrying stories about the fake cinnamon which is sold over here in the west, known as 'cassia bark'. My research indicated that in order to treat any of the issues I needed to, I would need to get hold of the real stuff – often called ‘Ceylon cinnamon’, on the internet. Personally, I wanted it for a few things...I wanted to try the honey and cinnamon tea for weight loss; wanting the real stuff because I knew I would be drinking it everyday  - not wanting the toxins from cassia bark in my system. I also wanted it for my mum and dad to help with their aches and pains and sleepless nights, as cinnamon is know to be great for that too.

I went to so many Asian shops as I thought it’d make sense for them to sell the real cinnamon...but nope, they all seem to sell cassia bark no matter which ‘indian brand’ product I looked at. I was pretty shocked to be honest. Why were the Asian/Indian shops selling western immitations!!!? I even tried Tesco and Asda in the hope they might have it in their ‘world food’ aisles, but no such luck. I wanted it quickly, but I was forced to look for somewhere online in order to buy it. The only places which seem to sell cinnamon were based in the USA, and I have no idea why they are selling it so expensively. I didn't want to buy it off ebay either as how do I know where these ebay sellers got their cinnamon from or how they are storing it; whether its fresh or whether it comes pre-packed or is it packed in their kitchens!? etc. I was hoping I would come across a business in the UK who I could trust, but it just wasn’t happening. All I could find in the UK was toxic cassia bark and I wasn’t prepared to pay the high prices charged by USA sellers and didn't want to wait 2 weeks for it to arrive!

So, I set up buyrealcinnamon.com with some help from a trusted friend who happens to be a born and raised Sri Lankan...I always knew there was a reason behind everything.  I am based in the UK, and it made perfect sense to finally give people in the UK access to REAL CEYLON CINNAMON, at affordable prices, and on their doorstep within days of ordering. After all, if you are like me, you are keen to get your hands on this 'miracle spice' as quickly as possible so that you or your loved ones can start feeling great.

We now have foil fresh packed Ceylon cinnamon delivered to the UK where it is stored in a dark, low temperature storage room. They say cinnamon is fresh for as long as you can smell the aroma from it...we make sure our packaged cinnamon is fresh thanks to our amazing cinnamon partner in Sri Lanka who has numerous certificates authenticating the quality of the spice supplied to us, including organic, fair trade, and soil certificates. 

If there is anything you want to ask, please feel free to. I am just someone who wanted access to real cinnamon like you do. I finally found it and want you to have it too.

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You will receive your cinnamon within days of placing your order :)