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  1. Fine Ground Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

    30gram Fine Ground Ceylon Cinnamon powder


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    30 gram packet of Fine Ground Organically harvested Ceylon Cinnamon powder - perfect for sprinkling over foods, using in boiled water to make a cinnamon infused herbal tea, as well as in sauces,curries, and baking. This powder form can be used for the honey and cinnamon diet tea as well. Smells beautiful and has been packed within hours of harvest for freshness.

    Tip: Keep this in a lid tight jar for ultimate freshness. A strong fragrant aroma is a sign of its freshness.

    Honey & Cinnamon Weight Loss Tea Instructions: Fill a mug with boiling water, add half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, let this infusion cool down for 30-40mins, now add one full teaspoon of honey (ideally raw honey) and stir till honey dissolves. Drink half of contents in the morning on empty stomach and remaining half last thing at night. Do this for 2 weeks max at a time.

    This is real/true Ceylon cinnamon and NOT cassia bark cinnamon. Our cinnamon comes from a supplier who meets all of the Organic status criteria in Sri Lanka.

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  2. Ceylon Cinnamon Powder Dispenser Bottle 35g

    Ceylon Cinnamon Powder Dispenser Bottle 35g


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    Ideal for your kitchen dining table, ceylon cinnamon in a glass dispenser bottle. Convenient and re-fillable, containing 35 grams of cinnamon. Learn More

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Buy Ground Cinnamon Powder for use in your honey and cinnamon weight loss tea, regular herbal tea, or for sprinkling onto sweet and savoury meals.  Real, true, non toxic cinnamon is of 'Ceylon', not Cassia bark variety.


 Ground Cinnamon Powder can be used in herbal cinnamon teas to provide a number of health benefits such as:

  • Getting rid of arthritis pain with daily intake of cinnamon
  • Reducing overall weight and belly flab when combined with honey as part of the honey and cinnamon weight loss plan diet
  • Aiding in digestion and blood circulation
  • Boosting your immune system like a blueberry can't
  • Getting your sleep back on track and dumping never ending insomnia
  • Improving your memory and brain function - tests on mice showed substantial improvement in both these areas!
  • Regulating your blood sugar levels for type 2 diabetes
  • Benefiting from anti blood clotting effects of cinnamon
  • Lowering LDL cholesterol for sufferers
  • Getting rid of medication resistant yeast infections



WARNING: Cinnamon contains a toxin known as Coumarin. Cassia Bark cinnamon contains unhealthy levels of this but true, real Ceylon cinnamon contains substantially lower amounts ensuring you do not suffer from toxic side effects. We sell only true, real, organic cinnamon sticks which you can use for the above health benefits or as a spice flavouring for your sweet and savoury meals.